Ideas for raising a bit extra cash

Money are important when you inest in stocks or forex. The best way is to use some savings or extra cash when you learn how to invest. That is a common problem. How to raise more money so you can invest them?


How it started

We booked the flights and part of the hotel stay for our honeymoon this past weekend! My parents covered our plane tickets and four of the seven hotel nights, Hubby and I will need to come up with money and ideas for the other three nights (we may stay somewhere else) as well as money for passports and spending. We figure we will need at least $500 for the additional three nights in hotels, and at least $1,000 for food, ground transportation, and entertainment. We also need $200 for passports, and another $150 for an additional piece of luggage (we’ve been needing this for awhile, and now it is time to bite the bullet and purchase it)… We are both very excited, but I need to come up with a way to raise this money, and I need to do it during the holiday season. oy!


I plan to sell some items on eBay. Conservatively, I can expect to raise about $100 after fees and such. I think I need to find some more stuff to sell….

I’m putting all of the SavvySaver ad revenues, going forward, into a separate ING account earmarked for the trip.

Any bonuses I get from credit cards, rebates, FSA money, etc will all go into the trip account. I think I have about $200 in bonuses in the pipeline right now.

I sent an email to a local catalog retailer to inquire about a holiday part-time call center job for myself. This is a last resort because I already work full-time and do the graduate school thing part-time.

Any other ideas? I only have several months, and need to come up with $1,850. I would prefer to not cannibalize any of our other savings accounts. In the three-and-a-half years we’ve been dating, we’ve never taken a vacation more extravagant than camping, so we’ve never needed a vacation fund.